Learning Disabilities Awareness and Empowerment Project

LD-ACE is an exciting project designed to develop Learning Disabilities Awareness and Empowerment presentations and train persons living with Learning Disabilities (LD) to provide these presentations across the province remotely. The LD-ACE project is funded by the Department of Children, Seniors and Social Development under the Capacity Grant Program. Along with the Disability Policy Office (DPO), we have designed this program to:

  • Create a positive image of disability 
  • Include people with disabilities in decision making
  • Strengthen disability-related supports
  • Increase the delivery of services with dignity, fairness and support

The guiding philosophy of this project is ‘Nothing About Us Without Us.’ LD-ACE will employ 5 presenters who identify as living with a Learning Disability to create presentation curriculum, share their lived experiences, and present the material online and in person. The presentations are intended for spreading LD awareness, creating a positive image of disability (LD in particular), empowering the LD population for self-advocacy, and guiding them towards appropriate interventions. 


We Are Seeking LD-ACE Presenters Who Fit The Following: 

  • Are 18+ years of age,
  • Live anywhere in Newfoundland & Labrador, 
  • Identify as having a learning disability,
  • Desire to share their LD lived experience,
  • Willingness to learn about the delivery of online presentations,
  • Want to share their passion about LD, 
  • Desire to support others to learn about LD, and 
  • Wish to change how the world views LD
Province Wide Focus Empowerment Focus Group

Help us directly inform the content of this project; your voice is valuable and can help us create powerful presentations. We want to hear from people who identify as living with a Learning Disability, and the families and professionals who work to support them. These focus groups will be held via Zoom, broadcasted over our Facebook page, with subtitles, and will be recorded. We will also work to collect LD lived experiences in any format that makes the person comfortable – via phone or private video chat.  At these focus groups we will be interested in discovering: 

  • Your LD experiences at school or work  
  • How LD might impact family relationships 
  • Academic challenges and celebrations 
  • Issues and how they change as we age 
  • Most loved strategies 
  • Biggest LD barriers 
  • Hope for LD awareness in NL 
  • Ideas about community support systems 
  • Community empowerment ideas

Join Us Via Zoom:
Sunday, September 12th from 6-8 pm, or 
Thursday, September 16th from 7-9 pm


Technical Assistance & Creative Participation
We know there is more than one way to participate and that while technology can help us, it can also be a barrier. If you need assistance with Zoom, Facebook, or feel you would like to add to this project in a one-on-one way, we can help. Please reach out; we would love to hear your creative ways to add your voice. For assistance and to learn more, please email lisa@ldanl.ca
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