At-Risk Youth Tutoring Project

This pilot project is an initiative to support young persons who struggle with reading and spelling and are at-risk or in conflict with the law. Our goal is to empower youth by enhancing their literacy and enabling them to access better opportunities. Education is a basic human right, and Learning Disabilities can be a major challenge in securing basic education, the foundation of a successful career in today’s world. With the support of United Way NL, the Learning Disabilities Association of NL will provide four months of free online Barton Reading tutoring to at-risk youth in NL referred by service-providers who work with them. If you are a service provider who works with young persons who are school dropouts, with difficult or underprivileged family backgrounds, marginalized or in any way at risk, please refer them to us and join with us in helping our youth to thrive and build a better future for our communities.

Please contact if you require more information.