LD-ACE: LD Awareness Campaign and Empowerment

Nothing About Us Without Us

The LD-ACE Project is designed to spread awareness about Learning Disabilities and help empower the Learning Disabilities Community. The LD-ACE project is funded by the Department of Children, Seniors and Social Development under the Capacity Grant Program. Along with the Disability Policy Office (DPO), we have designed this program to: Create a positive image of disability; Include people with disabilities in decision making; Strengthen disability-related supports; Increase the delivery of services with dignity, fairness and support.

The guiding philosophy of this project is ‘Nothing About Us Without Us.’ LDANL engaged people with Learning Disabilities from across the province to create presentations based on their lived experiences and trained them to be the facilitators of these presentations. The presentations are intended for spreading LD awareness, creating a positive image of disability (LD in particular), empowering the LD population for self-advocacy, and guiding them towards appropriate interventions. 


We have created three categories of Empowerment presentations: for children with LD; parents of kids with LD and adults with LD

When children and adults with LD come together, they can gain a deeper understanding of their community, become powerful self-advocates – and see the positives in their diagnosis. Through sharing their lived experiences, our LD-ACE team can create a place of safety and support. This presentation is developmentally appropriate, designed for specific age groups, and supported with classroom activities and resources.


We have created three categories of Awareness presentations: for teachers/educators, employers and the general public or anyone who is interested in knowing more about LDs

How is your awareness of Learning Disabilities? When was the last time you asked a person their experience of living with a Learning Disability? A Learning Disability impacts all aspects of a person’s life – school, relationships, employment, and mental health. Learn about the challenges and the positives of life with an LD.

Unfortunately, people with Learning Disabilities are often underemployed and underpaid. Employees with Learning Disabilities have special skills to bring to the workplace. When employers create workplaces that are truly inclusive, everyone wins. What is it like to walk through the LD world of employment? How to best support an inclusive workplace?

These presentations are a unique opportunity to gain insight into the daily life with a Learning Disability; experience what it is like to walk through the Learning Disabilities world of school, relationships, and mental health. The presentations are offered to small groups for FREE, one hour long, offered via Zoom and facilitated by persons with LD giving participants the opportunity to have meaningful interactions.

Please contact us at robyn@ldanl.ca if you have any questions.