Reading and Math Tutoring Programs

LDANL offers tutoring programs throughout the year in order to aid those who have difficulties in Reading and Math, regardless of the cause of those difficulties. 

Our tutoring programs are currently offered online and in person (St. John’s).


The reading program helps those who have reading difficulties, regardless of the cause of those difficulties. Our reading program utilizes the Barton System, an Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory approach to reading instruction which has met considerable success with a large number of our clients.

What is the Barton System?

The Barton Reading & Spelling System is a one-on-one tutoring system designed to aid individuals with difficulties in reading, designed specifically for individuals with learning disabilities which impact upon the ability to read.

The Barton System is divided into ten levels, and allows for students to progress through those levels at their own pace. By maintaining a one-on-one approach, students do not feel obligations to try and keep up with others the way they would in a group setting.

The Barton System is an Orton-Gillingham influenced program supported by independent research. Dr. Orton and Anna Gillingham developed a unique method to improve the reading and spelling skills of children and adults with dyslexia. Recent scientific, independent, research supports the Orton-Gillingham sequence and methodology as “best practices” when teaching reading to students with dyslexia.

Susan Barton, an internationally recognized expert in dyslexia, developed the Barton Reading and Spelling System. The system was released in June of 1999. Susan founded Bright Solutions for Dyslexia, the publisher of the Barton Reading & Spelling System. People with dyslexia or other learning disabilities can significantly improve their reading and spelling skills. The Barton System is easy to learn and contains a great deal of support for both the learner and the facilitator.

LDANL would like to indicate that while the Barton system has shown great success, these methods are primarily assistive and not corrective in nature. While tutoring programs such as this can show a demonstrated increase in ability to read, no amount of tutoring can make a diagnosed learning disability “go away”. LDs are life long, and though the can be accommodated and individuals can adapt to work around them, they cannot be “cured”.

For more information on the Barton Reading and Spelling System why not watch their videos? or check out Barton Tutoring and Spelling System presentation.


The math program in order to aid those who have difficulties in math, regardless of cause. Our math program utilizes the Math-U-See multi-sensory approach to math instruction which has met considerable success with a large number of our clients.

What is the Math-U-See System?

The Math-U-See program is a one-on-one tutoring system designed to aid individuals with difficulties in math, designed specifically for individuals with learning disabilities which impact upon the ability to acquire math facts.

Math-U-See curriculum is unique in the following ways,

1. We teach by Concept. 

This means that we teach more than just how to solve a math problem; we also teach why the problem is solved in this manner, and when to apply the concept. We believe that it is essential for a student to memorize basic facts and formulas, but the actual understanding comes from learning the concepts first, memorizing facts and formulas, and applying this to solving everyday life situations or word problems.

2. We are a mastery program. 

We want the student to understand each concept and be able to teach it back to demonstrate that mastery has been achieved. Math-U-See is structured with step-by-step procedures for introducing, practicing, mastering and reviewing concepts. This gives the parent a clear understanding of when to move the student to the next lesson.

3. We are a complete K-12 skill-based, multi-sensory program.

We use manipulatives from the Primer through Algebra 1 levels of Math-U-See, building each concept from place value through polynomials. We recognize that each student is unique and processes information differently. The more senses we can incorporate into our method of teaching, the more of these differences we can address. Also, the more senses we use, the more the student will be able to understand the materials and retain what he has learned.

For more information on LDANL’s Math-U-See program visit their site,

The programs are conducted one-on-one, designed ideally for individuals 7 years and older, during two 55 minutes sessions per week.  The program is run by semester, see below for more info on typical semester times. For more information on registration, please contact us via phone at (709) 753-1445 or email Karen.


Various by semester, but generally we charge $22 per session plus a $50 administration fee.  For example, a summer session would have 2 sessions a week for 10 weeks for a total of 20 sessions.  The cost for the summer session would be 20 sessions x $22 = $440, plus the $50 admin fee for a total of $490 for the semester.


Summer Semester: Runs during the weeks of ESDNL school summer holidays.

Fall Semester: Runs from the second week of school start in September until the last week of school in December.

Winter Semester:  Runs from the school start in January until the ESDNL Easter Break.

Spring Semester: Runs from the start of school after the ESDNL Easter break until the last week of school in June.

Our Tutors

In order to provide the best quality of service for our tutoring program, LDANL endeavours to hire tutors who hold Education Degrees issued on a university level. Many of our tutors are full or part time teachers, some with backgrounds in special education, ideally with a background in teaching students with Learning Disabilities.

About the Wait List

LDANL hosts the tutoring program on an as-needed basis, which requires that we hire only as many tutors as we have registrants. However, as our waitlist approaches sufficient interest, we often hire additional tutors to provide this much-needed service to the public. Don’t be discouraged if registration is presently closed, simply register on the waitlist and if we hire additional tutoring staff you will be informed immediately.