Reading and Math Tutoring Programs

LDANL offers tutoring programs throughout the year to support those who have difficulties in Reading and Mathematics, regardless of the cause of those difficulties. The tuition costs are kept low to make this much-needed service accessible to as many people as possible.

We offer different projects to support vulnerable learners and those who require financial assistance. Please request financial assistance only if you really require it so that together we can support those in real need.

Tutoring programs are offered online and in person (St. John’s).

DO NOT require any formal diagnosis of Learning Disabilities!


Our Reading program supports children and adults with reading difficulties using the Barton System. The Barton System is a program for individuals with Learning Disabilities (Dyslexia); however, it is very successful for any learner who wants to improve their reading decoding and spelling skills. It uses a  multi-sensory approach and is based on the Orton-Gillingham method. The Barton System aligns with the current “Science of Reading” philosophy and has met considerable success with a large number of our students.

We use additional “dyslexia-friendly” resources to supplement the Barton System for those learners who need instruction on other aspects of reading such as comprehension, to complete higher education or functional literacy skills. All of our reading instruction is delivered one-on-one, usually twice a week, either remotely or in person in our St. John’s office. All instruction is delivered according to the learner’s individual level of progress.


Our Math program is designed to be ‘LD friendly’, and helps children and adults with LD in Math (Dyscalculia) or those experiencing difficulty in math for various reasons. The program utilizes various “LD-friendly” resources, such as the Math-U-See and JUMP Math program. We use a multi-sensory approach for concept and skill development and a mastery-learning approach for recalling basic facts. Our tutors combine work on missing foundational skills and concepts as well as assistance with the student’s current course of study.

In the Math-U-See program, it is important that a student memorizes basic facts and formulas. Still, the actual understanding comes from learning the concepts first using concrete manipulative models. The learner can then memorize facts and formulas to help to solve everyday life situations. Math-U-See is structured with step-by-step procedures for introducing, practising, mastering and reviewing concepts.

Both our Reading and Math tutoring programs are available throughout the year, including summer. While we break during the typical breaks in the K-12 school system, students are welcome at any time during semesters. The tutoring session is One-on-One; 55 minutes long and costs $29. In-person sessions are offered only in St. John’s and the spots are limited. Online sessions can be accessed from anywhere in the province or outside and are also proven to be effective. Summer Term runs during the weeks of NLESD school summer holidays. Fall Term runs from the second week of school starting in September until the last week of school in December. Winter Term runs from the school start in January until the NLESD Easter Break. Spring Term runs from the start of school after the NLESD Easter break until the last week of school in June.

Financial Assistance

If you live in rural NL or require a tuition subsidy: Rural NL Tutoring Support

Specialized support for vulnerable youth to access our tutoring: The READ Project

Specialized support for vulnerable adults to access our tutoring: Adult Literacy Support