School Navigation and Advocacy Support

LDANL provides FREE individual navigation and advocacy work for parents/guardians.

The focus of this support is providing information and resources to empower parents/guardians as they work with their schools. LDANL could make direct contact with schools or school board personnel as needed as well as connect parents/caregivers with community resources, such as the Association for Newfoundland Psychologists, and the Association of Occupational Therapists, or link parents who want to share experiences.  

In 2023, 46 parents/guardians/providers were provided with direct navigation and/or advocacy support for their children.

The most common topics requiring navigation/advocacy support have been access to assessment, services and accommodations.

Following are the most common areas you could request support:

When and how to have your child diagnosed

Exploring and obtaining helpful accommodations for your child

Understanding and navigating the planning process (IEP, ISSP)

Obtaining Assistive Technology for your child

Understanding your assessment report

Finding helpful resources

Accessing LDANL’s tutoring program

Advocacy in educational or other settings

Connections with other helpful agencies

How to help at home

Who’s who in the school system and beyond

How to help with self-regulation

How to speak to your child about their Learning Disability/Dyslexia/ADHD?

You are invited to complete the following form if you require support with navigating the K-12 school system or advocating for your child with a Learning Disability/ADHD

Contact Edie Dunphy ([email protected]) for more information